Anvil of Serenity

Population: 1,000 (originally 10,000)
Leader: Hidden Ember – Last surviving Dragon-Blooded of the town and now the default leader.
Exports: Metal goods, Ceramic goods
Imports: Metal Ore and food from Iron Liberty (Rival Town)
Treaties: Non Agression Pact AOS HR
No trade is really happening at this stage in the game.

  • The Resplendent Rampart – Stronghold
    Location: Center of Town
    Status: Fully Functional, Over Full
    This is the city’s last bastion of hope. As the plague was running rampant, citizens either fled the city, or flocked to the stronghold trying to keep their distance from the infected of the city. Eventually, there were small enough numbers that the fort could hold everyone. As citizens showed signs of the Great Contagion, they were exiled from the fort. Those that could not move on their own were carried to the slums and left there.

Slums (Suggested Name(s): Molder (Once called Prosperity), Troubled Water)
Location: North
Status: Jam packed full of corpses on top of standard slum filth
Originally, this was a trade district when the road out of the north gate was the main road, but when the new road got completed to Jadel’s Landing (Port Town, now Harbor Reborn), the Trade District slowly migrated over to the North East thoroughfare. Take a look at the map for more context: Area Map Player-Town is towards the south.
As this district was slowly abandoned, the less fortunate and darker elements of the town started moving in. Eventually a prison called Tower of Tears was also constructed here. All of this happened well before the Great Contagion hit.

  • Trade District (Suggested Name(s): Narrow, Merchant’s Alley, Abundant Prosperity)
    Location: North East
    Status: Jam packed full of corpses
    Originally a residential/warehouse district, it slowly shifted purposes to the Trade District when the direct route to Jadel’s Landing (Port Town) was completed. The roads aren’t quite as wide as they should be, and this used to be the cause for several “traffic jams” when two merchants were leaving or entering at the same time.
  • Industrial District (Suggested Name(s): Furnace, Three Irons)
    Location: South West
    Status: Jam packed full of corpses
    Most of the town’s industry is in the south west section of town. One of the district’s main features is a level 3 Fire Manse large structure built to channel and focus natural essence flows) named simply The Forge. The manse itself is used as both a smelter and forge and the resultant steel is slightly warmer to the touch than those forged through more normal means. (no mechanical benefit)
  • Potter’s Pond / Mud Puddle – The big lake
    Location: West-ish
    Status: Not perfectly sanitary, getting worse from town runoff.
    Large lake. Small fisherman huts dot its shore, and a few clay pits were once in use near the city’s industrial district. A fenced in “noble area” is along the western border of the town. Pushing the “mudders” to the north west/southwest sections of the town.
  • Obsidian – Sorcerer’s Tower
    Location: Small island on the big lake
    Status: Possibly some supernatural defenses, but the ground floor is accessible. Shimmering Water was the last owner, but he’s been missing since the contagion.
  • Residential Districts (Direction/Current Name/Original Name)

South/Grave/Purity – Once the living area of craftsman/artisans
Status: Jam packed full of corpses

South East/Crypt/Ambition – Once the living area of local merchants
Status: Jam packed full of corpses

East/Sepulchre/Coin – Once the home of successful traders and guild (little g) leaders.
Status: Jam packed full of corpses

Unplaced Features

  • Temple of the Five Paths – Immaculate Order Temple
    In addition to a few smaller shrines, the city has a moderately sized Immaculate Temple.
  • The Waters of Life – Alchemy Shop
    Already raided for most supplies, it still holds some less mobile crafting stations.

Anvil of Serenity

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