Session 008

Title: Return of the Anathema Slayers
Real Date: 05/11/2013
In Game Date: Early Summer, Realm Year -5ish

In the previous session, the group managed to down a Solar. No seriously… Hailed as heroes, the group starts their journey home. Along the way they meet back with the Whimsical Wandering Wyld Warders who agree to put on a performance to reenact the characters’ heroic deed of slaying the Thrice Gilded Merchant. During this reenactment, is when the characters Exalt.

The Plan:

  • Finish up any Marita planning, maybe heal up for a week or two.
  • Head back towards Anvil of Serenity via the PC’s recently acquired boat.
  • Along the way, dock temporarily at Nathir where the bardic Troupe has setup shop.
  • The Troupe is thrilled to hear of your recent exploits and puts on a show about destroying the anathema – The Thrice Gilded Merchant.
  • During this performance is when the PC’s Exalt. :)
  • Don’t worry anything about Charm mechanics or leveling up your character as an Exalt, we’ll save that for Chapter 2.
  • Just come with some ideas for your exaltation and some over the top anime style descriptions of how you thwart the Wyld Hunt’s plan to take you down.
  • Expect a long joint-storytelling session where we talk about what happens during the exaltation.
  • And possibly about some of the upcoming down time.
  • Also be thinking about what you would like to happen to the various NPC’s and locations.

How it Played Out:
The PC’s spent a little more time in Marita licking their wounds and enjoying the heroic treatment for taking down a Solar. Shining Serpent spent much of his time helping the Immaculate Order secure a more solid position in the city and hopefully prevented a bloody conflict. At the very least, he delayed it.

While working on that, they repaired and refitted the ship they had designated as a getaway plan in the previous session. They christened the ship Niriad, a stout merchant trading vessel, and crewed her with volunteers and freed slaves.


  • A few more artifacts, hearth stones, etc.
  • Some jade coins, gold, and silver
  • Supplies for Anvil of Serenity
  • A Best Quality – Water Crafting station
  • Various occult and alchemy tomes
  • Bastard son of Vecca
  • Some freed slaves

So with their new ship, fully laden with booty, they left port to meet up with the Whimsical Wandering Wyld Warders to collect one last reward. Arriving near the major town of Nathir, the PC’s saw Shogunate Warships in the docks. A Dragon of troops was stationed outside the city including three War Striders, and small detachment of demons controlled by a dragon-blooded sorcerer. There was also a significant presence of the Immaculate Order within the town. Being staunch supporters, of both parties, the group wasn’t offput by their presense.

The Solar-Slaying news had reached here somehow, and the party was again, given a heroes welcome. They soon learned that the large military presense was for a Wyld Hunt. The party spent time with the Dragon Blooded and Immaculate Order leadership hearing tales, and sharing in praise (and some doubt) about their recent accomplishments. But all in all, it was a good time.

Content Not Found: aaron-von-guenter, hounded the group, especially Markus Cellin about the recent story. He was the actor that portrayed Markus previously and he was asking all kinds of questions about the recent events. He dismissed key points of the true story to “make the story better”, and was quite oblivious to the pain it was causing Markus. Dargar intercepted and botched a social roll to get Aaron to leave him the hell alone. Dargar explained to Aaron that Markus lost his one true love after years of effort and likely won’t ever see him again. Lay off! It worked, but Markus was within earshot when it happened and so Markus went off to be alone.

Finally, the play was put on for everyone present. Local gods showed up for the festivites and Shining Serpent even called in the river god (Calmed Fury) to show up. Normally a mortal couldn’t accomplish this, but he rolled 9 successes! The play was a truly epic performance augmented with essence displays by the dragon-blooded performers. As the play reached the dramatic conclusion, and Aaron was dealing the killing blow to the Thrice Gilded Merchant, THAT is when the exaltations started happening…

So the curve ball…. The first shard slams down into Aaron, the actor playing Markus. Apparently he was playing Markus better than Markus was. Either the paperwork got misfiled, some god made a last minute adjustment, or the solar shard simply got confused by the awesome acting. The end result was the actor blazing his anima banner with a confused look on his face. And someone in the crowd screamed NOOOOOOOO! (OOC: a gold-faction sidereal whose plans didn’t quite work out)

OOC Note: This was Markus’s initial character concept when we started talking about Exalted. He wanted to play a Dawn Caste whose shard got confused and fused with an actor that was playing a general. Since we were starting off as mortals, I didn’t think a showy actor would survive, so I suggested he play the “real” general first. Then when we exalted, he could switch over to the actor. I think it worked fabulously and it was well received by the group.

The crowd was confused and wasn’t sure if this was part of the show or not, but the Wyld Hunt engaged him immediately. They launched a swarm of essence infused arrows in his direction. Aaron parried them all in his showmanship, flourishing style, but he had a look of sheer terror on his face as he screamed out, “No! I’m not a general! There’s been a misunderstanding!” The dragon-blooded cut a swath through the crowd to engage him since they weren’t moving fast enough and then the crowd started fleeing in panic.

So Aaron starts pleading frantically with the Wyld Hunt saying over and over, “I’m not the guy! I’m not the general!” all the while parrying everything being thrown at him. Aaron leaps down to meet the dragon-blooded head on to continue his explanation. He parries a huge jade spear which winds up running Ayr through and she starts to bleed out.

Akira exalted next while trying to hold the guts of a mortal in. Once exalted, she magically heals him and his wound’s close. Another dragon-blooded engages Akira wielding a 2 inch thick and two foot wide daiclaive. Akira dodges and parries as best she can.

Shining Serpent does the unthinkable and while still mortal, throws himself at the dragon-blooded to give Akira an opening to go save Ayr. His hook swords get destroyed and he takes some bone-jarring bashing damage in the process, but Akira is able to get away. Just in time to see the solar shard that was going towards Ayr, peel off at the last second. Ayr died before Akira could reach her. And a second, “NOOOOO” is shouted out by the same individual.

OOC Note: At this point, the characters think Ayr is dead, but during the next several years of down time they’ll learn that she’s … not quite dead. I thought it would be interesting for an Abyssal to be part of the group, so we’ll see how that goes. I reserve the sacred rights of do-over, and rewrites. I see you’re asking: Do Abyssals even exist yet? I’ll answer that question with another question: Shut up… :)

Dargar blazed into action coming to Akira’s rescue and tossed a dragon-blooded nearly 300 yards. Shin Miyazaki was next who started ripping control of the demons from the dragon blooded sorcerer, either setting them free or turning them on their masters.

Shining Serpent exalted last of all. I really loved how his character changed over the course of this game. He started out as an idealistic Immaculate Order monk, content in his place in the world. But seeing creation come apart at the seams and watching as the lazy gods did NOTHING or worse yet, take advantage of the horrible situation…It really changed him. Towards the end, he was just fed up with it all and then he exalted. His eyes were truly opened at this point and he was granted the power to do something about it.

Anundir showed up during the confusion and carried Ayr‘s broken body away. That’s about the time the essence cannons and war striders started raining down on the crowd. Content Not Found: aaron-von-geunter and Dargar started parrying the blasts. They deflected some and reflected others back at their attackers while Shin Miyazaki brought up an essense shield that absorbed the blasts they couldn’t get to.

As powerful as the newly exalted solars were, they were quickly running out of essence. That’s about the time a calm and wise old man explained it was time to leave. The group listened and charged headlong into the closing ground troops. Shin Miyazaki let loose with a cyclone of obsidian butterflies which cut a wide swath through the mortals. Somehow the group was able to sprint through the razor sharp shards while it slowed their pursuers down. They made it to their ship where Dargar and Content Not Found: aaron-von-geunter managed to deflect the larger attacks while Shining Serpent made up a beuracracy charm to cripple the shogunate fleet through a retro-active neglect for supplies and maintenance.

OOC: Here’s where we called it.

Small spoiler: The wise old man is a powerful gold-factioned Sidereal. Newbie translation – an exalted whose powers revolve around fate manipulation and supports the return of the solars.

I planned to meet with each of the players to discuss the next several years of downtime and see what they wanted to accomplish. Also to “level” up their characters to solars. The game is still officially on hiatus as of the writing of this, but I wanted to finish up the session writeup. A few things that the players decided before we left. They wanted to rescue Hidden Ember’s relative from Poison Nettle. They wanted to keep supporting Hidden Ember’s rule and continue to help with the restoration of Anvil of Serenity.

Session 008

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