Citizens, I address you not only as your leader, but as your friend and ally in this time of strife. No one stands among us that has not been visited by loss and death, yet still we survive. The last victim of this contagion was claimed over a month ago, and I believe that those who yet live are either immune to the disease or the foul pestilence has run its course.

     I have consulted with my advisers, the enlightened Shining Serpent, the healer Akira, and the venerable Shin Miyazaki. We are all in agreement that the danger of infection has passed and that the elemental dragons have seen fit to spare us for their divine purpose.

     I come to you now to declare that we cannot allow fear to keep us in our shell forever and the time has come for us to rise from the ashes of the past. We will begin anew and create a new world, made strong by the challenges we have and will overcome. Today we emerge and reclaim what is ours.

~ Hidden Ember
Addressing her people shortly after the Great Contagion

This is an Exalted 2nd Edition game set deep in the Scavenger Lands during the end of the Great Contagion. The PC’s are Heroic Mortals whose paths crossed due to the cataclysmic events of this age. Temporarily putting their own plans on hold, they’ve made Anvil of Serenity their home. Currently, they are helping the survivors as best they can. Hopefully the PC’s will rise from the ashes to accomplish great things, but only time will tell.

This is my first time running an Exalted game and I’m both excited and a little nervous. I’ve always loved the rich setting and hope I can do it justice. I plan to run a sandbox style game, and the PC’s will be Heroic Mortals for the duration of the first Story Arc. Maybe they will help the “rightful” Shogunate rulers reestablish their rule. Perhaps they’ll use the calamity to carve out a kingdom of their own. But it’s far more likely that they will simply throw their story teller for a loop and do something completely unexpected.

I’m really ooking forward to it,
- Eck

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